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Home Office in London

Home working isn't a new practice since internet broadband speeds became increasingly faster and more available and our reliance on technology grew but this became more apparent with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many of us to stay away from our places of work.

A rush to re-invent our working ability forced us to adapt to makeshift home offices working off dining room tables, beds and sofas. While this provided a temp solution it was far from ideal especially with the day-to-day distractions like kids and pets running around and playing.

Custom build home office extension

Custom home office

In near perfect conditions, working from home takes a level of self-discipline so with the added challenge of a less than adequate working environment this can prove very stressful. Although there is no one perfect home office as we all have limitations, Inventive Designs can help assess possible options for creating a custom warm, secluded and pleasant home office setup based on your home. This could be renovating a spare bedroom or converting the space under your stairs.

Home life improvement

Inventive Designs can provide options for a loft or garage conversion or even a full home extension. There may also be opportunity for a separate single room building at the back of your garden separate from you home giving an even better feeling of seclusion to help you focus on your work.

The key areas Inventive Designs will focus on during any home office build or renovation is warmth, seclusion, natural light and security. As well as plenty of room for office furniture and equipment but also to help create a relaxed and pleasant feeling.

Home office loft conversion


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The better the workspace
the better the work mindset

If you can create a clean, tidy and secluded workspace the easier it will be to transition to and from 'work mode'.

It can be difficult to feel you are 'at work' when you’re trying to work from home sat on the sofa with the TV and Xbox nearby but with the help of Inventive Designs, we can provide you options to creating a separate, secluded and welcoming home office that allows you to switch to 'work mode' without the distractions of home life.

Seperate work life from home life

A custom built or renovated home office by Inventive Designs creates that boundary between personal and work life. When you finish your work for the day and leave your home office space you can then relax back into home life with the added benefit of no commute home!

The professionally build or renovated home office spaces will also no doubt boost your visual image whilst on video conference calls you will present a professional working environment from you own custom workspace.


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