Let us help improve your home

From painting a single wall to a complete home restoration, home improvements have endless options, benefits and of course costs. Many people are happy to take on those improvement jobs themselves but so often these can be left half complete or below the standard intended. We have a team of highly experienced, friendly and polite craftsmen that can listen to your needs make creative suggestions and undertake any size home improvement on your terms and to a clear budget you are happy with with the least disruption to your home.

Piece of mind

Being a local company we have an in depth understanding of local planning laws and building regulations and can advise you when and how these will apply to your home and any proposed home improvement. As importantly, we will also be able to take care of these processes for you, giving you greater peace of mind alowing us to consentrate on helping you realise the vision you have for your home.

Our reputation

With the vast majority of our clients coming to us from 'word of mouth' recommendations or previous customers returning with new home improvement ideas, our reputation is our biggest asset. It is in our best interest to not only satisfy our clients but strive to continually impress by our polite, intelligent staff interactions, extremely high quality and speed of work and most importantly remaining professional and considerate to your home throughout the work.

How do I get started?

About us

Inventive Designs is a London based building and refurbishment company. We specialise in all aspects of residential developments and commercial refurbishment contracts.

What we do

Whether you need a flat refurbishment or house extension then get in touch now to discuss your plans and ideas.

Why us

As a Building company with over 10 years of experience in construction industry we can provide quality builders that few other companies can match.